Elena's Art

My name is Elena; I was born in Turin in the 1981. I grew up in Italy, although my passion for travel brought me to Ireland last year, where I'm living at the moment. I always thought that meeting new people and new cultures is a good chance to broaden your horizons.

I gained a solid experience working in different environments and with children in particular, I learnt how to organise and manage time and groups.

I have been tutoring and teaching privately, organising parties, interactive educational shows and workshops for almost seven years, to children and young students aged 3-18.

I played in theatres for five years and attended many workshops, from "The Clown Care Unit" to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I graduated as an Illustrator, but my passion for art and creativity in all their possible expressions makes me an eclectic person. That is why when I'm working with or for children, I like to use a bit of all the "ingredients" that I collected through my experiences.

I worked in a graphic studio in Turin for almost two years and I'm carrying on some freelance projects that embrace illustration, art and interaction with kids.

I studied English, German and French in school, which allowed me to work as an Interpreter and Translator for some websites and at conferences in Turin (Women of Peace). But my passion for drawing brought me to the European Institute of Design, from which I graduated with a Bachelor in Visual Arts.

Feel free to take a look at my work in this website and contact me for any further information or request.